Moving To Oregon…

Hawaii is like paradise. I always made new friends. All of my original friends always took good care of me in any of my emotions. When I lived in Hawaii it was sunny almost every day and rainy occasionally. And it was  kind of breezy most of the time. When I lived in Hawaii it was fun and all. But the one downside was that it was 90 degrees almost every day and super humid. Every day after school I went to my friend’s house and surfed, body surfed and boogie boarded. It was a fun life in Hawaii.

When I moved I was pretty sad. But I got through it because I figured out that I will start a new life in Oregon. I had confidence that I would like it a lot in Oregon too. But I will still have my friends back on my tropical island.

P.S. I thank my classmates and Mrs. Amri for giving me such a warm welcome. Now let’s share some Aloha with you!!!

great-pacific-race-globehawaiian islands

Hawaii is far away. It is the most remote group of islands on the planet. It was formed by volcanoes. It is more than 2,600 miles from Portland.


I lived in Kekaha on Kauai. Kauai is pretty.

na pali 1 waimea canyonPolihale-6

Na Pali (the cliffs), Waimea (red water) canyon, Polihale beach. These were all very close to my house.

My hobby…


My favorite surfing spot – Pakala’s (pah-kal-ahs). It means “the sun gives light.”



My house and pool.



Kelly Slater is one of the best surfers of all time.

All Pau! A hui ho (until we meet again)…

This Summer

I’m going to go to a summer camp for survival in the wilderness. I’m also going to go to a skateboarding camp. I plan to go camping and going to the skate park in the summer too.  I will also watch videos on Ryan Sheckler.

                                                                                                  Ryan Sheckler!

About My Mom

I have the best mom that you can imagine. She is always nice to me when I get hurt. She cares about me when I’m sad. When I’m mad she always makes me happy again. When I’m to excited she always finds a way to make me calm down. She’s just a great mom.


From, Griffin

The Crew

YEAH! I have finally entered Stafford Primary School! I’m so exited to start my new life in my new house, and meet new friends. I am sorry to my friends in Hawaii that I had to move to Oregon. I will always miss them.